Assassin’s Cloak MiniPost 04

23 Nov

Starting to piece the front and back of the chest together. loving how crisp this linen is. : D

Here are some progress pictures of an Assassin’s Cloak inspired by Ezio of Assassin’s Creed. I didn’t want to do the same cloak everyone else is doing; so I made my own from the ground up. The front of this cloak is adored with six metal buttons and secures closed with a giant 90in velvet and linen sash. This Thieves Scarf Sash is double-sided thick velvet with decorative banner shaped ends and double as a super warm scarf when not in use as a sash.

This is a linen assassins cloak, lined in maroon velvet. The cloak features two large disguised exterior pockets. This luxurious outerwear is adorned with vintage buttons and will vary from cloak to cloak. This piece can be custom ordered in a variety of colors and fabrics. Specifics about this garment can be found Here.

I have been adding many new designs over at my shoppe. Keep up to date with new designs and work. You can find my work all over the internet with a quick search of BunneahMunkeah.

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