Episode 11: Little Red Riding Hood Gets a Victorian Makeover

19 Aug



I thought changing my blog format a bit would allow me post more often. If those close to me would just stop getting sick, that’d be great. For those of you still interested in the bandana, I’m throwing in a second surprise in the package for your patience. In the last Episode, I showed off some of the new designs I have been working on. This time around I want to show some of my newest designs and a side project featuring my first rendezvous with brocade. I seem to remember something about a Gorilla War Beast Bandana giveaway.





To win this bandana, message me with the hidden message in the abstract set. You can comment on my blog, email me or message me.To send the batsignal my way,  BunneahMunkeah is my screen name for FB, Twitter and my Gmail address.


Victoria Riding Hood is still under construction. The brocade has a bit of a learning curve for me; so instead of working while frustrated, I put it away until I feel the need to be tortured again. Truthfully, I love the headaches that come with designing and sewing garments. Looking back, I can see how the quality of my garments has evolved from my awesome blue hat to scaled leather cloaks. It is because of people just like you that I am able to continue to hone my craft. I hope you  like Victoria Riding Hood.









I will post more pictures as I work and add buttons etc.  I made one fatal mistake with it already, I went to burn some of the threads (else it frays) and I put a hole in her. Sad face. Oh well, you live, you learn and then you lose your sanity.

Here are some new designs I have been working on. They are available in crew necks, tank tops and womens cut tees. I can also put the designs on bandanas, hoodies and wall posters; pretty much anything that’s cotton. I can even get super thick hoodies that are made for electricians in Minnesota. They are as thick as three premium brand hoodies. 



The third gift I received (yeah my Santa sent me all kinds of goodness) was enough to make me think she knows me, knows my weakness and secretly wants to kill me and steal all of my art. What else can I say about someone who sends you over FOUR POUNDS of an amazing malted chocolate drink mix? So, thanks I guess for the amazing, diabetes-inducing drink mix also referred to as Milo.



The next gift I sent to my Nostalgia giftee was straight from the 1980’s. If any of you out there don’t recognize this next piece, you should reflect on the decisions you have made in life. I can’t think of a better movie to remember than this:




The next Star Wars rematch went to an awesome Redditor in California; he goes by the name StretchyUdon! I love that name. If you are out there reading this… I hope you enjoyed your poster 🙂 




I know, I know ‘shut up and get to the giveaway already. The third piece of my set went to StretchyUdon. I think by now, you guys might be getting a good idea as to the hidden message. Just keep in mind, this is only half of the set. Enjoy.





As soon as I publish this Episode, I will be writing the next three for the giveaway, so there is not so much of a delay. I really want to change the format to weekly episodes and smaller, more informal mini posts a couple of time a week just to show you folks I am alive, creating and giving back


I would like to thank you all for taking the time to stop by and read this. If you would like to see the full album from this episode, click here If this is your first visit to my blog, I invite you to check out this entry to learn a little more about me. Next episode will be sure to include more cosplay fun, Reddit Giftery and another piece of the set might even make an appearance. I want this blog to be something you enjoy reading and feel like is yours as well. If you enjoy the content I provide, I welcome you to share this entry with other awesome people. It means a lot to know my work is being shared with amazing people all over the world. I wish you all a beautiful day and I will see you again soon.

Promote love and kindness!



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