Episode 10: New Summer Designs and a Heap of Independence Day Goodness

04 Jul

Well hello again. I want to start by wishing each and every one of you a Happy 4th of July! If you celebrate it, of course. As you know, last episode was all about my first experience with Reddit Gifts; and, I announced a giveaway for a huge, customized Gorilla War Beast bandana. To win, be the first one to email me with the hidden message within my abstract set (bunneahmunkeah is my gmail address). I guess that means I should show off the second piece of the set today.

I also want to feature some of my new designs for sale and show more of what I made and received for the exchange. In case you are new here, have a look at a picture of the bandana I am giving away; I am even offering to personalize it for free.

The Gorilla War Beast design is just one of many I have been working on. Many of my designs have several variations like the Dragon Priest. One has the standard round eyes, one with horns and there is even one with a more steampunky ratchet eye design to it. It’s no exact science (although it can be if you want a consistent, specific design) and each one has unique characteristics. Have a look at a few of my designs; note the different eye details


These designs and several more are being added to my shoppe over the summer. They can all be customized and are available on 

  • several style shirts
  • hoodies in a few different weights (including one for super cold weather)
  • wall posters / flags / bandanas for all you paintballers, airsofters and capture-the-flaggers!

The shirts and hoodies are sweatshop free and made in North America. The designs are placed on premium, combed, ringspun American cotton. These tees are infinitely nicer than those offered by any box store or mall! You can also get your name, nickname or gamertag added to it. Prices start at $27.50 with FREE US SHIPPING!!! Did I mention these designs blend into the fabric? That’s right! No cheap plastic ink flaking off; EVER.

I can alter designs, do custom work or make an idea you already have. Want the design on the ribcage? Yep, I can do it! I offer bulk, team, guild and company discounts and have no minimums or setup fees! Checkmate mall clothes!

To see even more designs including Zeach (that’s Zombie Princess Peach), check out this album

Okay, it’s time to show you the second gift I received from my Reddit Gifts Secret Santa. I would have been totally okay with just the pin. But seriously lady, a chocolate candle that smells like I’m freebasing a banana split. No, it doesn’t taste as good as it smells and I’m not defending my decision to try it   😀

The next piece I sent to my Nostalgia Exchange recipient was from the next decade. The 1970’s. While I must admit, I have never seen any of the movies; everyone loves this wise soul.

While waiting for my gifts to arrive, I decided to sign up to ‘rematch’ some fellow Redditors. Since Reddit lets anyone willing to fill out a form participate; there are some people who do not send a gift. Rematchers make sure the ones left out in the cold still get a gift.  Since I had some extra materials from the Nostalgia Exchange, I signed up to brighten the day of four others from the Star Wars exchange. And, because I haven’t seen the movies, I figured I would be the perfect candidate to make a SW themed gift. The first person I was assigned to was a Redditor from California and I made him this fella based off his likes. Lucky Reddit Gifts asks what characters you like, so I had an idea about where to start.

Okay, the moment you have all been waiting for. The numero dos piece in my abstract set. Are you starting to get some ideas? What on earth could the pieces say? Well, I’m sure you are clever enough to figure it out. Chances are, you will need a few other pieces to see the full message.

Finally, as many of you reading will be celebrating and consuming various substances for the 4th of July, please be responsible and keep the party at home. Or, call a taxi if you must travel while partying! Spending the night in jail… or worse is no way to kick off the summer!

I would like to thank you all for taking the time to stop by and read this. If you would like to see the full album from this episode, click here If this is your first visit to my blog, I invite you to check out this entry to learn a little more about me. Next episode will focus on a few other designs, more Reddit Giftery and another piece of the set might even make an appearance. I want this blog to be something you enjoy reading and feel like is yours as well. If you enjoy the content I provide, I welcome you to share this entry with other awesome people. It means a lot to know my work is being shared with amazing people all over the world. I wish you all a beautiful day and I will see you again soon.

Remember kids, fireworks and stupidity don’t mix! 

Bunneah Munk

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