Episode 6: Happy Sunday Morning! Huge Update Today

31 Mar


I know, it’s been a few weeks since posting an update; and, for that I apologize. Hopefully this episode will make up for the lack of activity on the blog as of late. Last Episode, I talked a little about making my first Greybeard Cloak. Today is just the beginning of many new product updates. Let’s begin, shall we?

It is with great pleasure that I am announcing the launch of Addart’s Casual Gamer line of everyday garments to keep you looking fresh for the warming weather. I will start with the release of Skyrim Inspired Dragon Priest bandanas.

Several new designs will be soon to follow. The designs will be available in tons of mens and womens garment styles. I am working with some specialized pigments and inks to dramatically expand the line into a fuller collection. You can add me on Facebook to follow my work. I just don’t have the time to update this as often as I would like.

Casual Gamer will focus primarily on custom dyed garments and accessories processed in small batches. The idea is for every single piece to look unique. Several original designs are being developed and I am testing some special pigments for some crazy effects. Now, letโ€™s just hope I’m not shoving my foot in my mouth. I have a surprise I am holding out for next episode, but let’s just say it involves a gradient dyed piece from Skyrim with a custom modded design. I think you will enjoy it.

If you would like to pick up your very own Dragon Priest Bandana, you can get the standard version Here and the customized version Here. Free US shipping and $5.00 shipping everywhere else!

Now I can’t just leave you with a post about buying my items. I know you are hungry for fresh art and I hope I can satisfy your appetite. Here are some of the painting projects I have been working on since the end of last year.

The Last Day

I wanted to do something awesome for the possible destruction of humankind on Dec 21. What a disappointment that was. If anyone needs to buy cases of Spam, I am offering a great price on discount doomsday food. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t think of any better place to be during an apocalypse than in the arms of someone willing to die for you and maybe a trusty four-legged friend.

This project began as an experiment in painting on polyfilm. I actually had no clue how dramatic it would look until a light bulb went off in my brain and it hit me. This stuff lets light through. So, what started as a basic painting for my Facebook banner became a tale of two very different paintings. I look forward to painting on polyfilm again in my imaginary time that I don’t have. The only problem is that is flakes off with very little contact. But, I like the idea of temporary art. There is something special about a beautiful thing fading into the past. Now for a change of pace and medium comes contestant two.

Untitled Victorian/Gothic Painting

Sometimes, you just want to paint. Sometimes, naming your painting is the last priority. I would love to say there is a great explanation for this work; but, the truth is, I just wanted to paint a gothic scene with a Victorian woman. This is the most unfinished of the works I am showing today. I would love to know what you think.

Two Worlds Apart

So close, yet so far apart are two people having nothing, but everything in common. I wanted this piece to be a symbol of how close we all truly are. When you look at this piece, I would like to think that you see two immortals that have nothing in common. They would have never spoken to each other, had the same interests or even survived on the other’s planet. Yet, they are bonded the undying fact that we are all in this together.

Whether you are in Germany, France, Russia, America, China or anywhere else, this painting is for you. No matter is you are a Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Atheist or anything in between this painting is for you. When you look at this piece, it is my intention for you feel connected to your brothers and sisters across the world who are looking at the same painting as you. Even if that person is someone you would not associate with. This piece is about unity. We are all connected whether we want to be or not.

So today, whether it is just another Sunday to you or this is a special day for you to celebrate a religious holiday; remember to be kind and love even those people you do not agree with. Nothing positive ever comes from hatred or negativity. Hating a person just because of who they are or what they believe is a terrible way to use your mind. Your mind if for inspiring and creating and exploring the world and I would like to encourage you to do just that.

I would like to thank you all for taking the time to stop by and read this. If you would like to see the full album from this episode, Click Here If this is your first visit to my blog, I invite you to check out This Entry to learn a little more about me. The next episode will be full of new designs with a surprise if I can pull it off by then. I want this blog to be something you enjoy reading and feel like is yours as well. If you enjoy the content I provide, I welcome you to share this entry with other awesome people. It means a lot to know my work is being shared with amazing people all over the world. I wish you all a beautiful day and a Happy Easter if you are celebrating it and I will see you again soon.

Don’t eat too many eggs ๐Ÿ™‚

Bunneah Munk

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