Episode 5: Skyrim IRL – The Prologue

07 Mar

Welcome to what many of you will consider the first interesting post since this blog was launched. I want to start by thanking my readers and subscribers for being so patient. The uber awesome content will start to roll out slowly; I promise. It’s all about how quickly I can rotate, crop and watermark my pictures on top of my studio work.

If you read the Last Episode then you already know this one is all about bringing Skyrim to life. Several months ago, I gathered my hordes of remnant fabric and wondered what could come of them. After much debate, I decided I wanted to really push myself as a designer. I mean how on earth could I top the world’s most flawless hat? And then a light bulb went off. Well, I suppose it’s time to switch to those energy saving bulbs anyhow.

 The Concept

I put out a concept sketch and committed to making a modified Greybeard cloak. The in game version is sleeveless and hoodless, the sleeves and hood are actually part of the robe. I knew I didn’t have enough fabric for a cloak and robe set so I incorporated fringed sleeves and a hood into the cloak design.

This was right before the light bulb was fixed. I really had no clue the response would be so positive; so, guess who didn’t take an exhaustive library of pictures? If you guessed Bunneah Munkeah, you win eleventy billion dollars. Don’t worry; this is the only one without tons of pictures. Now that I have started this blog, I promise to try to take buckets of pictures for you.

Pics or It Didn’t Happen

The keyhole trim was a left over grey fleece; the liner was actually two different fabrics. A random fabric I picked up on sale aeons ago and an upcycled black stretch cotton fabric. The scales are synthetic suede. I had some on hand, but I did have to buy a bit more and some feathered trim.Any time I bring out pictures of the Greybeard work, the questions start flying. So here comes the geekery info…

The keyhole was made higher than the in game version to give it a more youthful aesthetic. It took over two months to make; I’m down to about three weeks for a full set now. The scales are cut one at a time with a rotary cutter I cut two layers at a time, the front and back. I made tons of mistakes the first time. I probably spent a week seam ripping and re stitching. Even better, my brain was switched off when I started and I didn’t make a pattern.

To be quite honest, I never imagined anyone would want to pay for one. I originally made it for me. How selfish, right? As the design came to life, I was told pretty frequently that I could sell it. So, I wore it maybe twice, terrified I would ruin it; washed it and stuck it in my closet. I think 20 minutes was the longest I ever had it on at one time.

Since I was encouraged to list it on My Shoppe and I hate money, I sold it for a pretty low price. Even better than making a sale, I gained something much more valuable than money. The moment I saw the sales notification, I gained the confidence to pursue a full time shop. I have been sewing for as long as I can remember; friends and family ask for garments and I happily oblige, I just always figured they were being nice.

So, if the owner of the cloak is out there reading this; I hope you still have as much fun wearing it as I had making it. I would like to thank you for opening an amazing door for me to further my work as an artist. It truly has been a tremendous opportunity and learning experience. As an American businesswoman and artist, this means the world to me. You have helped me realize I can earn a living doing something I absolutely LOVE and can be proud of it.

Okay you crazy people, I think that is about all for today’s episode. Remember to go out and do something good for someone less fortunate, make someone smile or just spend some time loving on your family. Life is too short to miss those moments.

I would like to thank you all for taking the time to stop by and read this. If you would like to see the full album from this episode, Click Here. If this is your first visit to my blog, I invite you to check out My First Post to learn a little more about me. I have no clue what will be the center of my next entry. I might show off a painting I am working on or maybe my newest garment. I want this blog to be something you enjoy reading and feel like is yours as well. If you enjoy the content I provide, I welcome you to share this entry with other awesome people. It means a lot to know my work is being shared with amazing people all over the world. I wish you all a beautiful day and I will see you again soon.

Until Next Time Traveler,

Bunneah Munk
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