Episode 2: The Walking Dead Returns, Awesomeness Ensues

12 Feb

It’s five o’clock in the morning, your chest pounds; the sound of an air raid siren is deafening. Wait! That’s not a siren; it’s your alarm clock. Now, I’m no medical professional, but it seems like you have been suffering from zombie withdrawals. Or, perhaps you’re infected; I told you I’m no medical professional. Either way, I have just what the doctor ordered in this little glass vial.

To celebrate the return of The Walking Dead (stupid mid-season breaks), I wanted to stuff this post to the brim with a hoard of zombie awesomeness. I will start with the smallest and work my way up to the bigger pieces.

Zombie, Virus and Cure Vials

Besides skants, nothing in this world makes less sense than having a population exterminating virus without carrying the antidote. So, I figured I would make both, just in case I get clumsy and knock over a shelf of zombie germs. We all love The Walking Dead; but I would rather not have to hunker down in an abandoned prison with strangers that haven’t showered in months, thank you very much.

I made the vials by rolling Sculpey into thin ‘logs’ and wrapping them around a wooden chopstick from my favorite orange chicken vendor 🙂  After baking and painting, I carefully placed the clay into small glass vials. Then I mixed a two part resin in a disposable cup. Using a toothpick to keep the clay in place, I carefully filled the vials with resin. After I was confident the clay wasn’t going anywhere, I let the vials cure for two days and sealed them with E-6000. The vials were finished by burning the edges of paper and using the paper as labels. But what good is a cure if you are outnumbered and unarmed? You need a disguise pronto!

Phantom of the Zombies Mask

In the spirit of the old proverb – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em; it is time to blend in with the enemy. I can’t think of a better way to blend in amongst the zombie hordes than with a rotting flesh mask. As you can clearly see, this zombie is having a terrible week.

This mask was made with a Bauta mask blank. After removing the elastic headband, I built up the blank with Sculpey and baked it. Once cooled; liberal amounts of paint were applied in an attempt to produce something that resembles a resurrected corpse. Finish off the day with gluing a velvet liner and satin ribbons to the back and allow it to cure. Voila! Phantom of the Zombies! So, the stench of dead people is not really your thing. Perhaps you would rather spend some time slaying these freaks! Now we’re talking. You’re going to need a formidable weapon to take on this wave. Your wish is my command 🙂

Tough Girl Zombie Defense Weapons

Let’s be honest with each other. We are living in crazy times. First, an incoherent homeless man in Miami starts chewing off another homeless man’s face; then, Hostess decides to stop making Twinkies. Soon enough, Spam will be a thing of the past and the zombies will make their move. What better way to defend the cardboard castle than a DIY hefty chunk of metal fashioned into a mace? The inspiration and credit for this project came from This YouTube video.

The mace is essentially a steel pipe with a bumper hitch attached by a coupler. The pipe also has an end cap at the bottom to finish the look. I gorilla glued everything in place and sent the maces to a local powder coat shop. After the powder coat, I added some blood splatter paint for effect. I think I might double wrap the bottom half in tennis racquet grip tape next. With the exception of the grip tape and powder coating, all of the parts can be found at any major hardware store. The diameter and length of the pipe along with the size of the hitch are customizable to your liking. It should be noted that these are NOT toys. If you make one please exercise caution at all times. Oh, you think a weapon is enough? What are you going to do when they learn how to use weapons? No worries, Bunneah to the rescue again.

Tough Girl Zombie Raid Bunny Mask

Who would have known a cute bunny face could be so ruthless? This girl has taken a beating and is still standing strong. Capable of stopping hollow point clay bullets, this is the ultimate in surviving a pistol-wielding zombie. Similar to the Phantom of the Zombies mask, I started out with a bunny mask blank and built up with clay.

With your mace in hand and the cure safely tucked into your pocket, you will need something to do! Consider supporting this blog by picking up The Walking Dead Season 1 DVD  OR  Season 1 Blu Ray  OR   Season 2 DVD OR  Season 2 Blu Ray on Amazon.

I know we covered zombie defense extensively today, so I wanted to say a few words. Bashing a zombie to bits is a much different thing than the real violence many people face every day. Consider calling your local domestic violence shelter and asking what supplies they need most. Some shelters have deals with local stores where you can make a supply donation and they will give the shelter better prices than you just going shopping and making a donation.
I would like to thank you all for taking the time to stop by and read this. If you would like to see the full album from this episode, CLICK HERE If this is your first visit to my blog, I invite you to check out THIS ENTRY to learn a little more about me. I’m thinking Valentine’s Day will be the center of my next entry unless you fine people would like to see something else first. I want this blog to be something you enjoy reading and feel like is yours as well. If you enjoy the content I provide, I welcome you to share this entry with other awesome people. It means a lot to know my work is being shared with amazing people all over the world. I wish you all a beautiful day and I will see you again soon.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Bunneah Munk


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